Apple unveils HomePod, its Siri smart speaker

The HomePod’s small, vase-like case houses a four-inch subwoofer and seven tweeters. It’s powered by Apple’s A8 processor, just like the iPhone. HomePod features “real-time acoustic modeling,” which allows it to tweak music to suit its environment. And of course, you can use it to access Siri with voice commands.

But on the HomePod, Siri is more than just a virtual assistant, it’s a “musicologist” that will help you find new tunes on Apple Music. You can also tell Siri you like a certain song, and it’ll remember your tastes. What’s most unique is that you’ll be able to ask Siri specific questions like, “Who’s the guitarist on this song?”

HomePod is coming in December for $349. It’ll be available in white and Apple’s usual space grey.


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