Befuddled Trump furious with Democrats for obstructing candidates not yet nominated

After four months into his presidency, Trump has only filled five top positions out of 53 at the Pentagon, “the slowest pace for nominations and confirmations in over half a century” according to Daily Kos. And 449 other key positions that need to be confirmed by the Senate don’t even have a nominee yet. And yet, Trump is blaming these unfilled positions on the Democrats.

The foggy Trump seems to forget that most positions don’t yet have nominees, and even if they did, Democrats don’t control Congress. According to Daily Kos, there are two actual reasons why Trump is so slow in filling these positions.

One: Trump is demanding a loyalty test that discards anyone who ever said anything about Trump, which excludes most everyone, Republicans included. Two: people are simply scared to work for Trump.

Donald Trump refuses to consider anyone who ever said something bad about Donald Trump. Which pretty well explains what is taking so long. They’re flipping over rocks as fast as they can.

In the meantime:

The gaps in Trump’s regime include many national security posts, and the void in the Pentagon represents a threat to national security that’s much more serious than Trump’s ludicrous travel ban.

Priorities, priorities.

Image: Gage Skidmore

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