Donald Trump Jr. gives in-depth interview to… a chocolate Easter Bunny?

You never really know who you’ll meet on the campaign trail — as witnessed by a perfect photo that captured Donald Trump, Jr. in conversation with a giant chocolate Easter Bunny.

Or, at least, that’s what it looked like. 

In reality, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette photographer Andrew Rush captured a perfect angle of the giant chocolate bunny blocking the view of a reporter speaking to Trump Jr. Because giant chocolate bunnies don’t really have human arms. That we know of. 

And Trump Jr took the photo in stride, even if he did give his joke a bit of a sinister edge. 

Trump Jr was at Sarris Candies in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, southwest of Pittsbrugh, on Monday to help campaign for GOP candidate Rick Saccone ahead of Tuesday’s hotly contested special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district. 

Besides the well-captured photo, the trip also included an awkward moment when Trump Jr.’s totally normal and natural attempt to eat ice cream (a Trump family tradition!) and chat with the electorate was interrupted with a question about Stormy Daniels.

Oh and Trump Jr. wore a hair net. 

Still, Trump Jr.’s visit seemed to go much more smoothly than his father’s campaign rally for Saccone on Saturday night — which was vintage terrifying fire and brimstone Trump.

Whether or not either visit will be enough to sway the crucial chocolate bunny vote on Tuesday remains to be seen.

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