Fox News accidentally puts up a poll graphic that shows how they are the least trusted network

During a Fox news segment in which Republican strategist Frank Luntz thought the media should give Trump more credit for the nation’s economic “clear recovery,” someone behind the scenes made a boo boo.

When host Howard Kurtz asked for a poll to be put up on the screen that asks if the media reports fake news, viewers got a look at the wrong poll – one put out by Monmouth University that asks people which network they trust more, CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News.

Not surprising but a knee-slapper nonetheless, the graphic for the poll showed that people trusted CNN most, at 48%, followed by MSNBC at 45%. Fox came in last place with a mere 30% of those polled thinking that the network was trustworthy.

Kurtz quickly said, “This is not the graphic we’re looking for – hold off. Take that down please!”

Via Mashable

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