‘Moana’ songs finally get translated into the language which inspired the film

Like many Disney flicks, Moana was very much a musical affair.

It’s also rich in its appreciation for Polynesian culture, unlike we’ve seen on the big screen before. In New Zealand, a Māori translated version of the film is making the language attractive to the younger generation, following decades of decline.

Even the songs too: Flight of the Conchords’ Jemaine Clement played Tamatoa, the big, mean treasure-hoarding crab, who also sings the very catchy “Shiny.”

Clement sung in English in the original film, but revoiced the song in the Māori language, which is titled “Shiny (Piata Mai Nei).” Here’s what it sounds like:

And here’s the English version:

It’s not the only Māori-translated version of Moana’s songs. Here’s 16-year-old New Zealand singer Jaedyn Randall’s version of “How Far I’ll Go,” re-titled as “Tukuna Au.”

Pretty cool, hey?

[H/T Gizmodo]

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